Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Isn't this exactly the face every contractor makes before giving you an estimate? But how LUCKY am I to have professional monster/ robot hunter right next door! And he is ALWAYS fully prepared. I rarely see this kid without full costume, and I love it. I also love that his parents not only tolerate his imagination, they encourage it.
And let me tell you that when he chooses a new persona - he COMMITS to it like nobody's business. We've been doing monster/robot hunter for several months now. Before that was fireman, and he wore his fireman outfit (coat, hat, boots, backpack w/hose, etc.etc.) to school (or as he says, his "office") every day for about a year. He has a memory like a steel trap, is a little OCD about cleanliness (I once ate bar-b-que with him for dinner and he went and washed his hands about 4 times and wanted to change his shirt lol), and is very thoughtful, sweet, and smart. All in all, an entertaining person to have next door.

Recently I was asking him about a new bike helmet he was wearing (he says camo-helmet). He was telling me how he went to the store with his Dad to pick it out. I asked him what were his choices? He looked at me quite puzzled, and said "Well, my choices were to leave it there, or bring it home."
(and then he looked at me like "duh - anymore dumb-ass questions?)

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Sarah said...

I love him! You must feel so safe having him next door. Much better than our neighbors, trust me!

Andree said...

He would fit in quite well among Zachary and his friends.