Thursday, February 28, 2008

Money vest

I live in the Garden District, which happens to be the third oldest neighborhood in Baton Rouge. We have over 400 structures on the national historic register. I love it here, and part of why I love it is that there are lots and lots of "characters". You know - people who inherited the houses and never had to work and so just wander around doing whatever. Artists, writers, lots of LSU professors, people of alternative's an eclectic place. Being on the board of the Civic Association lets me in on more of the stories and happenings. It's been quite interesting.

Here's one of the best: We are sitting at a Civic Association meeting and the security liason (off-duty police officer) tells us there's been an incident with one of our well-known, beloved "characters" (one who is pretty high on the "eccentricity/cuckoo scale"). Seems that he wandered into one of the more iffy neighborhoods closer to downtown and started beating on the door of a house which turned out to belong to a cousin of his housekeeper. Mind you, it was about 3a.m. The exact words to 911 were something like "there's a naked white man on my porch banging on my door and yelling!!".
The cops arrive, and sure enough, there's our friendly neighbor, but he's not naked. He's wearing a MONEY-VEST. That's right - a vest, sewn together, made of MONEY. And nothing else. In the Ghetto. In the middle of the night. The cops (knowing him well) called his Mom and Dad and took him back home and all was well.
Now - that's not the funny part.

The funny part is this: When the security liason finished telling this story, one of the long-time board members sighed and said..."Oh no....he did that AGAIN?"

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Fiona said...

Ah! Now thats the Garden District that I know and love!