Thursday, July 31, 2008

Amazing experiences

  • Seeing Crash Worship @ Tipitina's on Halloween. Torches. Naked women painted gold. Sprinkler system activating. Naked people climbing and dancing in the trees in the neutral ground after an impromptu parade led the entire group of attendees outside @ midnight.
  • Spending the evening on a beach in the Caribbean at the 81st birthday party of the twice escaped Cuban exile Enrique Menocal, his wife Totty, their granddaughter, and various close friends and listening to their stories.
  • Dog-sledding in Colorado with my husband.
  • Hiking Hurricane Ridge in northern Washington state.
  • Riding the ferry across Puget sound.
  • Riding the ferry across Elliott Bay to Bainbridge Island and walking around and having dinner by myself at a place right on the water.
  • Attending a speech given by Timothy Leary (yes that one) which I thought was going to be about LSD but was actually about how the internet was going to change the world. This was in like 1991 or 1992 when we barely even HAD internet.
  • Going to Disney World by myself two different days while I was in Florida for work.
  • Going snorkeling in the Caribbean with my husband.
  • Hiking the Lands End/ Coastal trail starting @ Sutro Baths in San Fran. (twice - once in a trippy sort of mood) Almost fell off the continent, was miraculously saved by expensive hiking boots purchased in Seattle that were well worth the $. Lost one boot to a rogue wave while resting feet @ beach, but boot was rescued by Carl.
  • Laughing my ass off sitting on a street corner in China Town (San Fran) with Carl when I discovered that my lipstick had melted and leaked all over the inside of my purse.
  • Seeing Pearl Jam (totally sober, even) at Tad Gormley Stadium with Travis in New Orleans in like July or August right after it rained all day and was about 100 degrees with 100% humidity. Finding the perfect spot just off to the side of the mosh pit by myself with a perfect view of Eddie Veder. That frozen lemonade on the way out that was too amazing for words.
  • Marrying my husband.
  • Swinging at the park down the street from my house @ 1am one morning with Charlotte and Carl and a train came by and we snuck into the cemetery.
  • Going to Memphis to see Green Day @ the Antenna Club.
  • Any day spent walking around a city by myself with a MapEasy map (New York, D.C., Seattle, San Fran, New Orleans, Denver)

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krispy said...

Hey what about walking from 94th street to World Trade Center..that wasn't amazing??? TEE HEE (we ARE blonde sometimes)