Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Bionic Daddy

I have a bionic Daddy! Well, partially anyway. My Dad had a hip replacement last Monday. I spent the week in Mississippi trying to help as much as possible (without looking at anything icky - I get queasy you know). He did SO great. He was up walking on his walker the second day. We went home on Wednesday. The physical therapist that came to the house yesterday said he was doing as well as someone 10-15 days post-op! He was even sweet when Mom and I had to wake him up every 10 seconds to get him to put a pillow under his leg. He tosses and turns in his sleep like nobody's business.

Say little prayers that he continues to do well, that this will result in a significant decrease in pain and significant increase in his quality of life. Also say little prayers for my Mom. Now that he's feeling better she's the one that's going to have to try to get him do what the Dr.'s say.
This is my Dad's leg in traction. I'm sure all that know him will be SHOCKED at what's playing on the television. (Fox News)


Sarah said...

Big hugs to you and your family. And a get well soon for your dad!!!

Mom said...

Hey Sarah and thanks.

Sonya, I had dad read your blog about him. He just chuckled! That is too cute with his toes and card. Bionic daddy is progressing!