Friday, July 18, 2008

Things I hope to find this weekend - updated

I had hoped to find these things the weekend of June 6 while I was in Boulder, CO.

Father's day present for Dad - didn't find anything cool. Ended up getting music and books later.
Thank-you gifts for R&N H. and Grandma & Grandpa - didn't find anything cool. Thinking now about making pop-up cards/ art.
A new purse - didn't find anything. Still using the $14 purse I bought on clearance @ Kmart.
Chain/ strap/ something to put on my phone and keys so I'll quit losing them in my purse - didn't find anything usable. Thinking now about making something.
Earrings - Didn't find anything. Found some on St. Croix I want but haven't convinced myself to spend the $ yet.
Cool art - I did see some neat art, but nothing I was really motivated to purchase or attempt to try myself.
Serenity - Found a bit, mainly on the drive back when I pulled over to look out over a beautiful view of a farm.
Inspiration - Not really. Found some on St. Croix, though.

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