Thursday, August 28, 2008

Absense makes the heart grow fonder

I have a million things to post, but it may be next week........

Short updates:
  • LSU plays their first game this weekend WooHoo!
  • Greta has an ear "irritation" and we have to put drops in every day for the next 10 days.
  • Schaffer went on an adventure yesterday - I have no IDEA how he got out of the back yard.
  • Greta had to go in the car to the vet yesterday so I walked her first and she POOPED in the yard (yea!) then she POOPED when we got to the vet in the vet's yard (yea!) then we went to CC's for coffee and as we were pulling into the driveway of the house, SHE POOPED IN MY CAR.
  • We went up to McComb for Mom's b-day last weekend. My Dad is doing GREAT post hip-replacement! Walking up and down the stairs on the deck without even holding on to the railing!
  • I checked on flights to St. Croix @ New Year's because I was thinking maybe we could squeeze in one more vacay this year - cheapest flights are $1400!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • I've been working on balancing some fun bank statements - the out of balance is down to $29 (from over $20,000) and I should be able to finish tomorrow.
In the meantime please:
1> Pray for my friend Randy who will be starting Chemo next week.
2> Pray for the people on the coast in the potential path of Gustav.


Sarah said...

I'm adding a few more things to my prayer list but that's a good start. Way to go on that bank thingy. Do your eyeballs ache yet?

mom said...

The word is start gathering those things listed!