Monday, August 11, 2008

Finished (hard copy) - Cobweb

Neal Stephenson. LOVE him. So far so good - he's doing his usual wonderful job weaving characters who are well developed and seemingly can't possible end up in the same story...

Wow this was an interesting premise. What if the Iraqis were using our universities to train their scientists and to develop and produce biological weapons HERE, right under our noses...

This was written pre-9-11, pre-capture of Saddam.

I divide the Neal Stephenson books into two genres.
1> "just for fun" - Cobweb fits in this category with Zodiac, Interface, Snow Crash, etc.
2> "Difficult and involved and oh-so-worth-it" - The Cryptonomicon/ Baroque series books. Fantastic, and they ARE fun but they are not easy reads. They are by far my favorites. Ever.

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