Saturday, August 30, 2008

To evacuate or not to evacuate.......

To do regardless:
Move plants in
Take down all hanging things (windchimes, outside chandelier)
Move in all lawn chairs/ benches
Take down swing
Get gas in cars
Make sure drains in alley are clear
Find the valium
Charge phones/ ipods/ laptops

To pack if we leave:
Dogs, dog beds, dog crates, dog food, dog medicine, dog leashes
Wedding album / Scrapbooks
Important papers
Food/ water
Clothes / shoes/ toiletries
Laptops / Planner
Chargers for phones/ ipods/ laptops
Xbox, Rockband, Rockband guitars

To do if we stay:
Pray for limited wind
Pray for electricity
Pray for no flooding
Take cars to high ground
Find the flashlights

Did I forget anything?


Lauren Murphy said...

Good luck and say a prayer for me. My family, including 2 dogs and 1 bunny, is heading to Vicksburg Mississippi. We are planning on leaving Sunday morning. Oh yeah, baby bunny is now named Cookie. Keep safe and we'll do the same.

Spickens said...

Will do Lauren!!! Safe travels!