Monday, September 29, 2008


Lauren, the accountant @ one of the credit unions I examine, had a very persnickety rabbit called Tootsie who ruled her home. Tootsie had her own "palace" in the house, was litter-box trained, and was really one of the family.

Well, they had never heard of, so I had to school her. Lauren ended up getting her 2 human children disapproving rabbit t-shirts and books for Christmas. They loved it, especially in light of how much disapproving Tootsie herself was capable of.

Unfortunately, they lost Tootsie a few months ago, which was very sad for the whole family, but now they have a new family star! Meet Cookie. Is she not a cutie? Lauren reports that she is the most affectionate, snuggly bunny they've ever seen, and so far she's a very good girl. I'm sure she'll be disapproving of things in no time!

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