Thursday, September 4, 2008

Safe and Sound, but not @ home

Trees Trees Trees!!!!!! We watched several fall down around us, but thankfully none fell ON us. We have no damage that we can see. We will need to get a roofer to evaluate the roof just to be sure, but from all we could see it looks pretty darn good. (link to new album on right)

We are at my parent's house in Mississippi now. We came up here Tuesday after we heard that we may not have power for 3-4 weeks. We can't stay here that long, obviously (we have to go to work @ some point), but we figured maybe we could at least have power, cable, and internet access while we are trying to figure out what we are going to do.

My parent's have a built-in house generator, and then we got "real" power and cable last night.

The dogs are being pretty good. We are having to keep them separated from Matti but it's going ok so far. No major fights, no major damage, Greta hasn't tried to eat her way through any doors (yet).

Not sure what we will do yet. Entergy restored 9000 people to power last night in Baton Rouge, so we are feeling a little more hopeful today that maybe it WON'T be a month, but who knows. We have to make alternative plans for next week. Jason has to go to work, and I have to go to a conference in Dallas. We have to find a place to board the dogs, we can't leave them in the house with no air conditioner or at least not some way to move air around. Greta would croak.

So if you know of any kennel availability or anyone with space/ love/ patience for babysitting a precious mini schnauzer and a very sweet, entertaining, but high-maintenance giant schnauzer for 5 days, let us know!!


Sarah said...

Saw the pictures. Eeeek!! So I shouldn't complain about losing power for a the North...with half the humidity? We're thinking about you guys. Let me know when to make up the spare bed. Oh and we take dogs at this house too, especially the big ones.

Julie said...

So sorry to see the mess but glad that you and your family are OK. Love the name of your giant. We lost our ps gs to lymphoma last December. Giants are such neat animals. We have our first mini and that is a whole nother world. Sorry we are too far away to help you out.