Friday, October 3, 2008

Chocolate & Friends

So I generally am not a spider person - like - AT ALL. I mean, I won't kill one if I can at all just move it somewhere else, but they give me the serious heebies. I'm much more tolerant of them in my garden than in my house, because I know they eat bad bugs and they don't tend to startle me as much.

This little spider built 3 or 4 webs right across my gate last week. Every morning, I gently moved the web over. Finally he got the hint and built the web NEXT to the gate, right above the chocolate plant, and he's been there for several days.

He's rather smiley, isn't he?

And here's a pic of the chocolate plant, which I LOVE but it's sort of hard to keep contained once you get it going.

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Andree said...

We have those. We were scientifically calling them "crab spiders." Close enough.

We haven't had any of the ginormous indoor monster spiders we used to have, since the fire. They were probably as big as the palm of my hand, but I don't know the name of them either.