Saturday, October 18, 2008

On the good points of being a gardening procrastinator.

So....I'm not the kind of gardener that gets up early in the misty morning to work in the garden. I'm the kind of gardener that looks around one day and says "Oh crap. I guess I need to put that shrub back in it's place before it attacks somebody." Or "Gee, I wonder what's under all these weeds?". Or "Oops, I think the schnauzers are about to get eaten by the cayratia vine again." And then I go into work mode and try to fix the whole garden in one afternoon.

Yes I know that it would be much easier to do little chores along the way and keep it under control, and I wish I was that kind of a girl, but I'm not.

The wonderful thing about being a sporadic gardener is that sometimes I walk outside and see something amazing that I had no idea was happening. Like this toad lily. Last time I looked at it there were just a few scraggly leaves and I thought for sure it wasn't going to do anything. Now it's in full bloom and it is a really cool little plant.

I like fun surprises like that. It's one of the benefits of being a chronic procrastinator.


Christopher said...

the details of those pictures are amazing. What a cool plant or flower or whatever...

Sarah said...

that was me.....Sarah....I guess I didn't sign into my blog first before leaving a comment. Weird.