Saturday, October 4, 2008

Spiny-backed orb weaver

That's the name of my spidery garden friend. Now that I've researched it I'm sure it's a girl. What should I name her? I'm thinking "Prissy" or "Queen Fluffy".

"The egg case is constructed first from an oval egg sheet made of finely woven threads, which are firmly attached to the lower surface of a leaf. After the eggs are laid on this “silken sheet,” they are covered with a loose, spongy, tangled mass of yellow and white threads. Next, several strands of dark green silk are laid along the egg case. The final cover is a net-like canopy made as the female moves along the mass, with several dozen coarse, rigid, dark- green and yellow threads."

Isn't that amazing that they can make different colors of silk like that?!

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