Sunday, October 26, 2008

Tagged - Eight Things

Eight shows I like to watch
2-The Office
3- Big Love
4-True Blood
5 -Project Runway
6- Mystery Diagnosis/Mystery ER
7-True Crime shows (48 hours, Dateline Investigation, etc.)

Eight Favorite Restaurants
1- Don't really have any right now other than China Palace in McComb

Eight Things that Happened to me Yesterday
1- I helped Jason clean the driveway
2- I bought plants @ Clegg's and Louisiana Nursery
3- I uploaded my time report
4- I talked to my neighbor
5- I hung out with my cousin Kenny
6- I met a new potential friend @ the plant nursery - turns out she lives right around the corner from me!
7- I looked for Hatchlings on Facebook
8- I decided that I love mid-centry modern architecture

Eight things I’m looking forward to
1- Mom's arm getting better
2- Jason finding a new job that he loves
3- Getting the front and back gardens ready for fall
4- Finishing the two work reports I have outstanding
5- Finding our dream house and moving
6- The new season of Lost
7- Getting in the books I ordered from
8- Maybe going to St. George Island this winter

Eight Things I Love About Fall
1- Working in my garden
2- A little cooler weather
3- Less bugs
4- Pumpkin and spice flavored coffees @ the coffee shops
5- Getting to see more of my brother and Alex during LSU football season
6- The colors of the Tallow Tree by my driveway
7- Different kinds of birds in the yard
8- Baking pumpkin seeds

Eight things on my wish list
1- Island swirl bracelet, ring, and earrings from Sonya Ltd. in St. Croix
2- A carpenter to finish the house to-do list
3- A new house
4- A laptop computer
5- I guess I need a new car eventually - but I don't want to spend the $ on one
6- A fully funded retirement fund
7- A paid off mortgage
8- Money to give away to causes I believe in

Eight things I’m grateful for
1- My husband
2- My parents and my brother
3- The rest of my family
4- A great job (thanks Mom)
5- That I can feel joy over little things
6- That my parents instilled in me a love of reading and music
7- That I live in a country where people can disagree politically and it doesn't result (usually) in violence
8- The internet

I tag everyone who reads my blog because I want to know what you all have to say!


Sarah said...

does that mean I have to list 8 things for each category on my blog?

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mom said...

I like this, and we can have China Palace Saturday!