Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Thanks Polly!

Once at a regional conference several years ago the trainers put out colors and paper and play dough and pipe cleaners and things on each table for people to play with during the training sessions. I am a big doodler to begin with. I can't keep my hands still when I'm listening to the TV or a presentation or music or anything else. So this was awesome.

I made this little critter, flew him home on the plane with me and everything, and I think he's held up pretty darn well! Who knew play dough art could last years? He sits on my second-to-the-top shelf in my office, which is also occupied by my collection of fish bottles (see previous post on why it's bad for me to try to collect things...)

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DCshutrbug said...

You know all those toys have a purpose. My question to you: Do you remember what the speaker was saying when you were making your critter? I'll lay odds that you do. Lot's of scientific stuff behind that. And now I'm famous on your page! PKP