Sunday, November 30, 2008

On episodes we hope to avoid repeating

At Christmas every year I take off at least a couple of week. After about 2 days I get bored, and then I start baking like a crazy woman. Last year I did this in 2 days:

Well if I've learned one thing over the years, it's to put away everything edible so Greta can't get to it. Of course, sometimes I forget (she got an entire new bag of Pecan Sandies Thursday, man I really wanted one of those with my coffee this morning...).

But who would've thought that FLOUR would be attractive? So after carefully filling every non-accessible nook and cranny with the things I thought she would like (nuts, chocolate, ginger, etc), I confidently left the house for some reason or another.

And returned to find this:

And then followed the trail of flour to the water bowl. Now we all know what happens when we mix flour and water, right?

So then I followed the trail of GLUE to find this:

And then Greta and I had a long discussion while I washed and cut the glue out of her fur. Boy it was fun. And so this Christmas while I'm baking, Greta will be enjoying the day in her CRATE.

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