Saturday, November 1, 2008

Planted, pruned, weeded, mulched, hauled, entertained, had a conversation that involved the words "no goldfish crackers please", collapsed

Caveat: this may sound like a lot, but my yard is about 2 inches by 2 inches :)

Planted: 7 foxglove, 1/2 a flat of pansies, 2 million bells petunias, swiss chard, 2 six-packs violets, cat whiskers, lemon grass.

Pruned: lemon tree, papyrus, butterfly bush, shrimp plant, indigo, roses (5), plumbago, pomegranate tree, elephant ears, vitex (2) lantana, buford holly, duranta, lorepetelum.

Weeded: front 5 beds and paths, bed outside picket fence on side, back patio, back courtyard, 3 back beds. I did the whole back from 8:00pm -11pm last night. I just got on a roll. And it was cool and no bugs. It was quite enjoyable, actually.

Mulched: all front beds.

Hauled: giant pile of cuttings and about 10 bags of weeds and leaves to the front.

Entertained: Don't know if I was very entertainING, but I was entertainED. Neighborman kept me company all afternoon. He even brought me 2 snacks - on his own, unbidden. One was goldfish crackers in a cup of water which was disgusting, but how do you argue with "you need to try just one before you say you don't like it." Then later he split his peach with me. Too sweet. Then he offered to bring me water, and I said sure but please no goldfish crackers in it.

Collapsed: It's 8:30 pm and I'd like to go to bed now thanks.

In process: unpotting and repotting all of my succulents.
Left to do: get more mulch more violets and finish planting (rest of flat of pansies, 2 flats of another color pansies, dianthus, and alyssum, 2 wallflowers, cuban oregano)

THE BEST PART OF THE WEEK: Jason fixed ALL THREE FRONT GATES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! woohoo!!! I bet the postlady will want to kiss him.

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