Sunday, November 30, 2008

This kid is a trip

Me: [on my deck, covered in dirt, planting my fall containers]

NM: [Laying in a box in his driveway, currently pretending it's a pirate ship, with his feet up in the air] Ms Sonya!

Me: Yes bud?

NM: Could you....go.....inside the back of your house...and go to your room....and change your shoes.....(I told him the day before I wouldn't go in his house w/ dirty shoes).....and go out the front of your house.....and go out your gate....and go in my house.....and bring me my tools?

NM's Dad: [Listening to this from the other corner of the backyard] NM! You get up and get your own tools! [Then looks at me and just shakes his head.]

Me: [Cracking up] That kid is a stone-cold trip.

NM: [sighs and decides he really doesn't need his tools right now]

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