Thursday, February 5, 2009

Absentee-ism and snot.

It happens. I get obsessed with things, I lose interest in things, I get depressed and turn into a hermit in the winter, (seasonal affective disorder surely). I took basically a month off from work and STILL lost like 30 hours of leave (we can only carry over 240), I have had (am having) the WORST time trying to get motivated to work again.

Jason is @ home during the day because he's teaching @ night, and I just want to hang out @ home too. And play WOW and read books and eat bon bons.

OK well not really eat bon bons but do nothing. Then I had to go to Alexandria last week for work, which was actually really fun because I got to work on our exam workbook which has kind of been my baby since about 1999 but I haven't been able to work on much since Katrina, so it was nice to be able to get my hands back on that. Plus the guys I work with on that project crack me up so it was a good week.

Except that it was colder than, well cold. Snowy even, and I didn't haul coats and such to Virginia just for 4 days. And I probably shouldn't have walked back from the drug store without any socks on that one night, so yeah this week I have had a tremendous cold and I stayed in bed from Monday - Wednesday and just today sort of feel better.

Conversation yesterday:
Me (to Jason): want to come over here and snuggle?
Jason: Maybe when you aren't a festering font of snot and disease.

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