Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Bean's had a tough week

Last week, I took Schaffer to get his teeth cleaned and for them to check on a lump under his front leg.

Well, poor buddy! They had to pull SEVEN teeth. He's had several pulled before. We have his teeth cleaned at least once a year if not more, he just drew the short stick on dental stability. He still ate his dry food, but I gave him some canned food too and he thought he was in Shangrila.

We don't usually DO canned food around here. Schnauzer beards + mushy food = ewwwwwww

But my baby was hungry, and he doesn't STICK HIS WHOLE FACE in the food/ water bowl like some OTHER SCHNAUZERS who shall remain nameless *greta*.

And while they had him under the anaesthesia they took a biopsy of the lump and decided the cells looked a little funny, but they couldn't leave him under any longer that day so I had to bring him back this past Monday to have the lump removed.

Schaffer all woozy

And Monday evening he was SO pitiful. Woozy and couldn't get comfy. The incision isn't too bad and all the stitches are on the inside, but still. It's right in his armpit so you know that has to be sore.

He's pretty much been sleeping for 2 days but this morning he was much spunkier. And the lump was just a lipoma - they aren't concerned about it at all, which was great news. Hopefully my little buddy has many more years of dog-park playtime, beach vacations, and barking at the mailman ahead of him!


Sarah said...

Here's wishing him a speedy recovery and many more years. How old is that little guy anyway?

Spickens said...

He's 12.