Saturday, May 23, 2009

Reaching into the vault

Trying to find the courage to write things again. Reaching into the vault to find inspiration. What I came across first was two of many poems I have always loved, written by my soul sister Charlotte a long, long time ago, and reprinted here with her permission:

deep ocean Once

far from home
home in eyes
(in eyes of her and you)

what do you think
of earthquakes and hurricanes
(and lightening and me)

one brief distraction
memories don't touch you
(you can't let me touch you)

so I'll remember you
and your deep ocean Once
(just a few waves away from me)


I hold Orleans' dusk
heat and a feeling
of fear dirt and
sweat wet sex smells
sticks even on my
clothes and I dip in
my lips again.
Standing in and on you
not knowing where my
feet are going they've
no future together
or with the cracks in
your streets and
Like nowhere else
you, part whore part saviour
part of
an everywhere no one has been
but will always
pray to and reach for
reach for
even at night now
your light is impotent
against this dark.
A man crossing
toward me a woman
walking away my
fingertips touch
and are bound by
humidity naked
each soul standing
near be becomes one by one
a carnival mask in
the one eternal parade
and no one can forget
you because like me
their feet know the way know
that way
and you will always know me
when I come
and I will always come
when you call.

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