Saturday, May 16, 2009

Yeah, Whatever

I have spent the last month in a very introspective state. It's a conflux of conditions. A result of years of non-connection, introversion, and settlement. The fact that I'm turning 40 in a few short weeks. Because I just hit a decade of marriage. Because economic conditions are affecting my job and may or may not be opening new doors. Because my dogs are getting gray beards. Because the trees I planted in my garden are actually looking like....trees. Because of facebook, and reconnection with people I never thought I'd talk to again. People who have been, and are, very, very important and influential in my life but have been MIA from my life for various reasons. Other people I wasn't as close to when I was younger, and I'm loving getting to know them better. People who I'm close to and always have been, but facebook is giving me insight into another side of them.

I've spent lots of time talking to those people and reconnecting. Realizing that I have ignored my roots and it has only done me harm. I should have listened more to what I learned in master gardener class....."Take care of the roots and the rest of the plant will take care of itself". I'm going to start taking more care of my roots.....and not just the ones on my head.

I think decade markers are always a cause to reflect and plan. I'm not saying I've had a bad 10 years, I'm just saying that I want the next 10 to be better. I'm not wanting to settle. I know what I want out of life, I think, and I think I'm on a path to get it.

And yeah, I know that may be vague. But I don't have to share EVERYTHING with the internet, right?

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DCshutrbug said...

40 isn't so bad! I just "celebrated" 8 years of marriage - may not make it to 10. You go girl. Life's too short to eat brown bananas.