Monday, July 27, 2009

Sonya & Jason's Campy Adventure to Michigan - Day 1

Both excited about the trip. Finally finished packing and went to bed Friday night about 11:30. Jason said he got about 30 minutes of sleep. He’s been really having trouble sleeping. I’m hoping this vacation will help us both get back in sync.

Schaffer moped the whole time I was packing, looking at me pathetically, like I was leaving and never coming back. I kept telling him we were going to see America! But he wasn’t buying it.
Left Saturday morning about 8. I bought dog harnesses that connect to the seatbelts hoping that this would keep the dogs safe and out of the front seat. We didn’t even get on the interstate before we took them off. The dogs were getting so twisted in the seatbelt straps that we were sure somebody was going to break a leg. So the dogs free-floated in the back seat.

This was Greta’s first trip anywhere in the new CR-V. Schaffer’s only been in it once. Stopped for red bull and sunflower seeds…the breakfast of Champions. Mapquest told us to go through Memphis, but when we got in the car, the Geronimo (my Dad’s vernacular) said go through Birmingham. Who are we to argue with Geronimo?

At about the 2.5 hour mark, we passed by a pack of no less than 30 motorcycles. Greta apparently has a deep, personal issue with motorcycles, because she wigged out 30 times
Later in the day, we passed a motorcycle stalled on the side of the road with no rider. When she saw it, she had sort of a mini-wig out, figured out there was no person on it, and just stared at it dumbfounded.

Schaffer spent the entire 12 hours napping or standing with his paws on the door handle looking out the window. He seemed to love the mountains and rode looking almost constantly as soon as we hit Birmingham.

Greta spent the ride napping SOME, or either laying with her head resting on the edge of her folded up crate or on one of our shoulders looking out the windshield.

We only stopped with them twice. At the 3 hour mark in Alabama somewhere, we got out of the car and took a 15 minute walk. It was HOT as HELL and it really wore them out. It was good for us to move around too. We got them out of the car again at about the 7 hour mark and let them walk around some, and then we didn’t stop again until we got to the hotel.

Jason and I took turns driving and except for a relatively short Glen Beck interlude, we listened to the Classic Vinyl station on XM radio. I studied for a test I need to take for CPE credits on Understanding the Basics of Mortgage Fraud, and I would have gone ahead and taken the test if I had had a #2 pencil for the scantron. Maybe I’ll take it tomorrow evening.

So as we got closer to the hotel, I started getting more and more anxious about the accommodations.

And now that we are here, I’m still a little anxious. It’s cute. It’s clean. It’s HOT (89 or something). There’s no AC. The windows are all screened and open. The ceiling fans are on high. Jason fell asleep early, he was wiped out. I went to the parking lot and tried to get an internet signal.

And now I’m lying here….actually getting sleepy between the heat, the constant sound of the insect calls, and the sound of Greta panting….
(the Zoloft and ambien didn’t hurt…)

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