Friday, July 10, 2009


Planning the 2009 vacay for the beginning of August! Starting to really get a little excited. We have decided to go up to Michigan to visit Jason's family, and so I can see some of the state that I haven't experienced.

What I want for SURE out of this vacation is:
Lots and lots of SWIMMING in CLEAR, un-chlorinated water.
To build a sandcastle on the beach.
To see Schaffer's tail wag (he has a hard time - it's not very movable - but beaches usually do it)
To walk in the woods.
To sit by a campfire.
To eat HEALTHY and purge my body of all the chemicals I feed it.
To exercise every day, but in fun ways like swimming and hiking.
To try camping. In a tent.

Jason spent his childhood summers @ a cabin on Black Lake. His tales of those trips, along with the fact that it's been 457 degrees here all summer and I feel like I've been a total hermit, have made me want to get OUTSIDE. Hopefully there will be cooler weather and fewer bugs!

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Sarah said...

They are saying that we are having a cold summer actually. The weather should be nice :)