Sunday, August 16, 2009

Campy Vacation Day #2

So last night was the most AMAZING lightening and thunder storm that I think I have ever experienced. As deaf as he is, Schaffer climbed ONTO my head he was so scared. It was wicked, but wow it cooled things off at least 10 degrees or so.

Jason and I are both enjoying the quiet reading time, but it's still hot, so we got up early, took cool showers, and went and got breakfast @ the hotel cafe. Yummy breakfast. Back to the cabin, walked the dogs, then set out on a hike around the park with the schnauzers.

It was supposed to be a very easy, short hike, but I think we took a wrong turn. The last 1/2 of the hike was almost vertical and it was HOT and humid. I got a little worried about Schaffer and thought maybe I needed to carry him, but we took a short break and he was ok.

It was a beautiful hike, though. The trails in the park are really well marked and maintained. We saw several deer and even a little baby fawn. We got to see where the River Styx runs out of Mammoth Cave, which was cool.

Now Jason and the doggies are taking a nap under the ceiling fan. For the afternoon, Jason and I have signed up for the Violet City Lantern tour. This is a 3-hour tour using only lantern-light, so it's supposed to be like is was back in the 1800's. Should be exciting!!

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