Sunday, August 16, 2009

Cave Tour

Our tour guide, Michael, was just goofy enough to be perfect for my vintage-y, camp-y vacation theme. He led us all through the caves with silly stories and lots of great information and history. Jason and I, being the nerds that we are, eventually made our way to the front of the line so that we wouldn't miss any tidbits of info.

We got to see lots of the cave. The Star Chamber, the old tuberculosis hospital, evidence of ancient people from like 4000 years ago...on and on. The lantern light made it especially great (even though we couldn't take photos). The walls really just seemed to disappear in some places. That darn cave is HUGE....MAMMOTH even!!

Towards the end, the path was TOUGH. I'd say VERTICAL in a couple of spots. Jason and I did fine, but wow we were tired at the end. And walking out of a 54 degree cave after 3 hours was like walking into a wall of steam.

OH! And at the very end of the tour was saw one little Teeny Tiny bat hanging from the ceiling. He was too cute.

My favorite parts were definitely the star chamber and the stories about how they did tours during the late 1800's. We could still see the paths they built way back then in a lot of places, and considering they DRESSED UP to go on these vacation tours, in heels and dresses and suits and such, I don't know how in the world they walked on those paths. They were just big rocks placed pretty precariously.

This was the perfect start to this vacation. Exactly what I had in mind. Good fun, a little silly, and just overall a good experience that Jason and I BOTH really enjoyed.

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