Monday, October 5, 2009

New life?

I hope it sticks!!!! This is week #2 that I have been getting up in the morning and walking. Last week I walked Mon - Thurs. Today I got up and walked in a drizzly rain, and it was amazing.'s the diary.

Minutes walked (35). Music (Coldplay). Amazingly shaped oak trees (7). Monorail kitties (1). Kitties sitting in the rain staring under houses (1). Kitties sitting under porte-cocheres staring forlornly at the kitchen door (1). Potential serial killers (0). Men with little fussy dogs (2). Brightly painted metal turtle planters (1). Fecal fountains (1). Sunrises (1 - ok didn't actually see it, but it was dark when I started and light when I finished).

I'm also eating way better. Taking my lunch to work most days. Painting more. Reading a ton. Feeling so much better.

How? Prayer. I prayed for it. And will continue to. I think I may actually learn to love mornings.

1 comment:

Andree said...

I'm sorry? Fecal Fountains? Maybe you should take a different route. (Or are you bringing those along with you in the form of Schnauzer?)