Monday, October 12, 2009

Still trucking

So far so good. Last week I walked 2 days and rode the stationary bike 2 days. On Tuesday I took the long way around the lake and ended up walking and hour and 10 minutes. Yeah that was TOO far and my back killed me the rest of the week. I skipped Wednesday and rode the bike Thurs. and Fri. and my back felt better.

However, that walk was amazing. I saw 2 duck classes of some sort. As in, twice I saw a groups of about 20 ducks, all facing 1 other duck, like they were getting their morning instructions or doing roll call or saying the duck pledge or something. And near one of the groups, which looked like they were about to do swimming lessons in the pond by which they were standing, were two mother ducks and two little baby ducks having a morning snack in a little puddle, obviously having just walked big brother or big sister to school.

And the morning mist!! And the huge flock of Egrets hanging out in the Cedar trees in City Park Lake and flying in and out between the trees like it was a huge birdy airport! And the 6:30 morning people are SO NICE. I felt like I was part of an amazing, secret, 6:30 club.

Very few people had their dogs with them, and I assume it was for the same reason that I didn't have mine. #1 - I wanted to walk and meditate and not pick up poop. #2 - My dogs are nuts and would destroy the serenity of everyone's morning, and those 6:30 people are nice and smiley but I'm thinking they may just snap. I mean, it's damn early. Maybe they haven't had their coffee yet.

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