Sunday, April 18, 2010

Jazzy Jasmine

In December, the Giant Schnauzer Rescue Network contacted us about a 2 year old unspayed female G.S. with heartworms at the East Baton Rouge Parish animal shelter. We are generally on the network list as only transport for rescued dogs, not fostering. We have a 1150 square foot house with no yard, and 2 dogs of our own.

However, we had apparently smoked crack the evening we got the phone call, because Jason and I both were immediately like "Oh sure! We'll come get her!" Since we were going to my parents' for Christmas, we arranged to pick her up the week between Christmas and New Year's. This also gave them time to spay her.

So anyway, long story short, she's staying. She's the sweetest thing ever. A little spastic. COMPLETELY oblivious of the meaning of the words "personal space". Housebroken. Loves her crate. Eats socks. OK it's not 100% perfect, but pretty near it. She gets along with Greta and Schaffer just fine, although there was a bit of an adjustment period (naturally).

She's a love. And wrangling these 3 dogs has given us something to focus on other than the sadness we feel about losing my Dad. It feels good to be able to give her a good home. I'm not sure if she would have made it out of there with her heartworms. She's all done with her treatments now (hopefully - we will have tests to make sure in a few weeks). She deserves a fun-filled and snuggly life.

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DCshutrbug said...

So now shouldn't your profile say "happily married and living with THREE dogs"? Good for you!