Tuesday, June 15, 2010

LOST: The suckage

six years. 6 years. SIX years. six YEARS. YEARS!!!!!!

And what are we left with?

What about the electromagnetism? What happened to Widmore? Why was there no button back in the old days? What about that one time when the nobody pushed the button and the numbers turned over to hieroglyphics? What about those UV drawings in that one hatch? Why couldn't people have babies? What about the virus and the vaccines? What was up with that one underwater station and those people that were still in there? What about the time travel? Why did we need that? Why Tunisia? Why the wheel? Why antartica? Why a polar bear, and what about Michael and Walt anyway?? Where'd the healing pool come from, and where'd the other others come from anyway? Why the statue? Who built the statue? What lies in the shadow of the statue anyway? Who was that original lady who killed the twins' mother? Why, once John Locke is dead, does Hurley need to protect the cork? Why couldn't anybody just drink the damn water? What happened to Jack and Juliette's kid? Why were there 2 islands? What about the dharma shark? Why didn't he eat more people? Who is still bringing in the dharma food and how are they getting back and forth to the island (in the 2000's not the 70's). What about Ecko? What happened to Rose and Bernard? What was up with the ash and the cabin and pouring the ash around the cabin to keep Jacob in or whatever? Was Jacob trapped in the cabin?Or was it really the smoke monster? Why could a submarine get in and out of the island's magnetic field but a boat couldn't? What about all those costumes when they were looking for vaccines? What about Daniel's old girlfriend that went crazy and Widmore was taking care of? What about Eloise? Was she dead or not or both? Why is there the shadow of a city on the original LOST show opening screen?


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