Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Charlotte Bosarge
Sonya Pickens
Baton Rouge, LA 70809
October 17, 2000

Dear Nabisco,

Thank you very much for making the new "Mini Oreo Bite Size.” It is a great idea. However, something in the new cookie just isn't right.

We had a theory that there was not the proper ratio of creme filling to cookie. We measured and calculated the ratio of creme filling to cookie for each of the regular, doublestuff, and mini Oreos.

First, let me say that we were thrilled to discover that indeed, the ratio of the filling to cookie in the DoubleStuff Oreos was, in fact, double that of regular Oreos. However, this test proved our theory wrong, as the ratio of filling to cookie of the mini Oreos falls in between that of regular and doublestuff Oreos. (See attached spreadsheet.)

That has led us to the following alternative theories:

1> These cookies seem crispier, perhaps “scorched”? Perhaps the small size of each wafer calls a lower cooking temperature, or shorter cooking time.

2> The concentration of cocoa in each cookie could be off? These cookies appear a smidge darker, but we did not have any Erlenmeyer Flasks with which to conduct cocoa content analysis.

3> We observed that the diameter of the creme filling in the mini Oreos can fluctuate between 2cm, and 2.2cm, which leaves almost no "lip of wafer" on which to rest America's favorite creme filling. The "lip of wafer" is a very important part of the whole Oreo experience. Without a proper lip, it is very difficult to properly separate a wafer from the creme filling (for ease of dunking, and similar).

Although our tests were inconclusive, we would still like to express our impression that the overly chocolate taste of the cookie wafers overwhelms the creme filling in the new mini Oreos. We feel that some adjustment should be made to make the taste of the mini Oreos more pleasing. Thank you very much for your consideration.


Charlotte Bosarge
Sonya Pickens

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