Sunday, July 4, 2010

Crazy things I've heard

  • 2009 "If they don't pay me then I can't pay for daycare and I'm just gonna bring my baby up here with all his toys and balls all spread out like it's Chunky Cheese."
  • 8/10/2008 "That teacher was crazy as all outdoors." (What does that MEAN?)
  • 7/25/2008 "We had some little bitty mice in here last week, and my Dad said there must be a mama in here and the babies are hatching." (This from a 55 year old woman)
  • 7/25/2008 "She keeps casting aggrizations at me."
  • 7/24/2008 "She wears enough cologne to gag a magnet."
  • "He's about as sharp as a sock filled with soup."
  • "I'm going to caulk this up to a miscommunication."
  • "She smoked pot as an escape goat."
  • "Half of one, a dozen of the other."
  • "They did a complete 380."
  • "It stretched and stretched until it was taunt."
  • "He fought tooth and neck."
7/24/2008 "Mamawisms - things said by my dear grandmother"
  • "It's as hot as a done 'tater."
  • "He's in there knocking lost john."
  • "Well that just knocks the rag right off the bush."
Random TLB's (TLB is my coworker who I love and who keeps me entertained) "
  • "This wind could blow a rooster into a jug." (quote from TLB's Dad)
  • "This place had a weird atmosfeel."
  • "That's messed up like a soup sandwich."
  • "Oh listen to this! Tattoo's mamma's housekeeper broke up with her on a sticky note."
  • "Oh yeah - I smell what you steppin' in"
  • "That's messed up like a football bat."
  • "Look at this. I got all my stuff spread out from hell to breakfast."
  • "So yeah, we had a keg at the baby shower last weekend..."
  • "So my sister said, "Well ya know, TLB, you can be a little overwhelming...""
  • "So then Tattoo said "Woman! For the sake of our relationship you better start drinking!""


Sarah said...

Told you I was making my own just got me started. I have many many more. Just haven't gotten around to blogging them all in one day.

Mom said...

"It's hot as a done tater."
Remember that one?

Spickens said...

Oooh! That's a good one Mom! I think I'll do a section of "mamawisms"

Andree said...

Ben said that the Zephyrs manager said that he, "would be remorse if he didn't mention..."

Also, a lady in Walmart was marveling over the cheapness of the school supplies and told me, "I'm just buying notebooks because they're cheap. I don't have any children, no pun intended." We have been working "no pun intended" into conversation wherever it is least appropriate. We would be remorse not to.

Spickens said...

Andree - you crack me up.

mpm said...

How about..."She went to the hospitly and had a grandma seizure."

Tobie said...

I just cracked myself up reading what I say :)

Lauren M said...

When my daughter was young, we went on a family vacation to TN. On the way there she asked "Do they talk corn tree here?" (instead of country)