Wednesday, July 21, 2010


It was the year 2000. My BFF Charlotte was staying with me, and we tend to get silly. Whilst sitting at my dining room table, the conversation turned to the newly introduced mini Oreos, which we had independently and coincidentally tried THAT VERY DAY.

We agreed they SUCKED, but couldn't exactly decide why.

This (not surprisingly) led to a jaunt to the grocery store where we obtained additional mini Oreos, along with regular and doublestuffs for comparison's sake.

Returning with our bounty of chocolatey goodness, we were able to draft the assistance of my chemist husband. Experiments and documentation ensued.

And what resulted was, perhaps, the best letter ever written to a corporation. And which remained unsent, lost, and languishing in an electronic hell for 10 years.


Charlotte FOUND THE LETTER. And now, as my birthday present to you all, I will share. And hell yes, I'm sending it to Nabisco tonight too.

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