Sunday, July 18, 2010


Lately, having a pool has become an obsession. I think it first kicked in when Jason and I went to St. Croix in 2008 and stayed at a cottage that was 20 steps from the ocean. I must have been in that water 20 times a day. But it's just gotten worse since then.

My dream is to have a lap pool.....

BUT...For those of you who haven't been to my house, I have NO yard. My lot is 120 ft. / 40 ft. On this lot, I have a driveway that is 100 ft. long, a house, a 2 story detached double garage, a pergola, and a large deck. And an entry garden. The only place I could put a "real" pool it in the driveway.

Which I suppose is not too practical.

And there's the fact that Jason and I continue to toss around ideas of moving to the Mississippi Coast ( and could you blame me? Look what's there: (That would be my most precious niece, K.E.S. aka doodlebug)).

I know that when you put something out in the universe long enough, it comes to you. So about a month ago, I started living AS IF I already had a pool. Example: I wake up in the morning, think about swimming, say "I'm going to get in the pool". Jason laughs. I go take a semi-cold shower and envision myself swimming laps. Example: I work in the yard and get nasty and hot. I say "I'm going to get in the pool". Jason chuckles and rolls his eyes. I go sit under the hose and envision myself sitting in crystal clear, blue, cool water.
So last week, I don't know if my talk put the idea in Jason's head or if he was just sick of hearing me talk about it, but he figured out that we could put a 10 foot inflatable pool on our deck.

And yeah, it's not a "real" pool, but I can submerge myself. I can float. I can hook my feet over the edge and "swim laps". I can swim from one side to the other totally under water.Jason bought me a noodle (a pink one), and a little shark that holds the chlorine.
It's a little crowded on the deck, but hey! Now I can garden FROM THE POOL.

I have been swimming about 50 times so far. I feel better already. I'm sure my vitamin D level is up. This morning I spent about 2 hours out there reading. This pool cost us $70. It took about an hour to set up (a few hours to fill). And it may just change my life.
If you need me, I'll be at the POOL!

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