Sunday, November 14, 2010

Part The End - Nov. 14

Lastly, I want to post the introductory comments of one of the organizers of the event last night. I couldn't say anything more perfect:

"There are so many people to thank that it would take the Pike County phonebook and recite it from A-Z because it takes a great community to nourish and cherish a great artist.

McComb, Mississippi is that community and Roger Lawrence is that artist. We are very fortunate to know both and we thank you all.

We honor Roger Lawrence as he has graced us with a spectacular presence in our collective lives and hearts.

Thank You Roger.

Thank you for the rivers on our walls, the pumpkin in our library, the indian, the Topisaw, the waterfall, the still life writ large in watercolor, oil, tempera, chalk, crayon, and dust.

Thank you for the Bouge Chitto halcyon days where our summers are now reflections on water, glen and glade. Where cypress tree cathedrals conspire with kudzu under cobalt skies and golden suns.

Thank you for the back-beat at The Courtyard dances when our 'Generation' was 'New' and all the rage.

Thank you for opening your studio door that opened our hearts, minds and souls with your gentle words and passions that took fire.

Thank you for teaching our children, our mothers, fathers, sisters and sons; that we too are artists when we follow your lead.

Thank you for the stiple brushes you gave, the splatters and splashes you made with color wheels exploding into space.

But most of all thank you for this hour of bringing us together with your friends whom are not divided by time or age.

Thank You Roger Lawrence for making our world your canvas. Because of you our lives are even more beautiful and true.

Thank You Roger."

-Bill Tyler -

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