Sunday, November 14, 2010

Part I - Nov. 14

Roger Lawrence is an artist from my hometown of McComb, Missisippi. No, I don't know him well, but I've known OF him my whole life. He's a fixture in McComb. Graduated high school with my mother. (I found out last night, in fact, that my mother was his 1st grade girlfriend - Scandolous! lol) Taught art to many of my friends and family. Pieces of his art hang in many homes I have visited throughout my life.

Last night, the town in which I grew up came together to celebrate Roger Lawrence and to help out a friend. Roger is sick, can't paint right now, can't talk without the aid of a computer, and is walking with a walker. The link to the whole story is here:

One thing that amazes me about his art is the variety.

Watercolors in bright colors.

Oil landscapes so real you can feel the cool breezes off the river.

Pointillism portraits of familiar faces.

And the list goes on...!/album.php?aid=14383&id=123259717696999

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