Sunday, November 14, 2010

Part II - Nov. 14

So I went to McComb to attend said event (benefit for Roger Lawrence) with my Mom and my Aunt Frances.
It was FUN. Back in my Mom's high school days, Roger was in a band called "New Generation" with Jim Hewitt, who I ended up growing up across the street from. Jim's son, Jamey, is a year younger than me. We grew up together building forts in our backyards.
Last night, Jamey got together with his uncle and 2 other awesome musicians and gave an AWESOME blues concert for us. I knew Jamey played guitar, but WHO KNEW he could sing like that?!!! I had no idea - I was BLOWN AWAY! It was awesome!
Then we got to hear a few songs from Bobby Lounge - blues pianist/ singer/ and all around entertainer - whose song "I remember the night your trailer burned down", about how he and Jimmy were in the livingroom talkin' about a watermelon grow'd as big around as a white wall tire and wasn't studyin' no fire is one of my favs. His songs also discuss a family whose house had fallen off the foundation so they were having to watch TV on a 45 degree angle and feed their mama, who had rolled under the bed and gotten stuck, out of the cat dish. was good to laugh.
And good to be surrounded by familiar faces, generous friends, and a community that I couldn't wait to get out of but I have grown to appreciate more and more as the years go by.

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