Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Pros and Cons

Cons for moving:
I love my house
I love my neighborhood
I love my work group

Pros for moving:
My brother & Alex
Easier for my mother to visit us both in one place
My BFF Dale is there
My BFF Charlotte is there
My BCF Holly is there
Closer to other family too, plus I'll have out of town work in Jackson where the rest of my family is.
May have out of town work in Starkville and McComb
New house, with yard and room to garden, modern amenities, possibly a pool (I can't buy that where I want to live in Baton Rouge)
Comfortable, familiar job but in new surroundings, with new people and fresh challenges
I can go to Kaylin's dance recitals, take her to a random movie on a Thursday afternoon, take her to school occasionally, get to know her friends, help her with homework, but still sleep late most mornings ;)
My bean-o loves the beach
Still close enough to NOLA to go do fun stuff there
My brain feels relaxed when looking at giant expanses of water
Fresh start/ perspective/ challenges/ friends/ surroundings for Jason and me
My realtor is cool


DCshutrbug said...

All is good. When I moved I had a long list of "cons for staying" and no "pros for staying." The house I am in now is the first place I have ever lived where it felt like home the very first day. It's not perfect - the toilet leaks sometimes, there is always maintenance - but it is home and I love it here. You will find your place too.

Anonymous said...

CON....far away