Friday, November 12, 2010

Pros Part II

My sister-in-law's family is huge and fun, welcoming, thoughtful, and they love my brother and my niece.
Udda has a pool! (Thanks for reminding me Kathleen ;) )
They are already settled in Biloxi, so can send us to vets, doctors, hair salons, etc. We won't have to wade through loads of these before we find good ones.
My sister-in-law's grandmother is the oldest practicing attorney in Mississippi. And her brother is a lawyer too. Just in case we get sued for being fabulous.

A new CON also:
The Mississippi Master Gardeners want me to go back through their classes to participate in their volunteer activities, even though I've been a Louisiana Master Gardener for over 5 years. But they only have classes during weekdays. And I work.

I'm super bummed about this. But, maybe it'll be a good break, and I'm sure I'll find other ways to garden and learn and volunteer.

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