Sunday, January 23, 2011

Mississippi Resident!!!

We are officially Mississippi residents! We moved into the new house January 5th. On November 28th, we came over to Ocean Springs to look at places to rent since I hadn't seen anything I was interested in buying. We were also not finding anything in our budget to rent that would allow dogs, and both Jason and I were honestly starting to panic a little.

So in a freezing, drizzly, post-Thanksgiving stupor, we met our realtor to look at rentals. The first two rentals = not. Expensive, not the greatest locations, marginally suited yards. Then the realtor said "while we are over here, I want to run in and look at this house new on the market. The other realtors have seen it already and said it was great, and I need to see it. You may not even want to get out of the car."

Well, we got out of the car, walked through it once, and bought it.

We love it. LOVE it. It's the only house Jason and I have ever looked at that we both loved.

On the way to the realtor's office to write the offer, Jason said "it's like we picked up Tulip Street, upgraded everything, and plopped it down in a yard by the beach." And it IS just like that, only even better. There's more space but it's not TOO much. There is a big yard but not TOO big. It's absolutely perfect for us.

And's a triangle house :) See! I KNEW I needed a triangle house!

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