Sunday, April 3, 2011

email from work (revised a tad by my coworker, Justin)

Subject: REVISED Blackberry Replacements
Importance: High

In the past few weeks there have been a number of blackberries that have had to be replaced due to improper care and handling. Item 10 of the Communications MOU (see below) directs all users to use reasonable care in the handling of their blackberry. Such reasonable care includes ensuring it is not used near a water source, traded for crack cocaine, accidently swallowed, used to wedge the short leg of a table, thrown into an infinite abyss, be-dazzled, accidently buried with a recently-deceased relative, blended on You-Tube, frozen with liquid nitrogen and shattered, allowed to become self aware, baked inside of a cake, reconfigured to run on steam power, used to smash walnuts, allowed to be stolen by a curious/ tech savvy raccoon, and ensuring there is no pressure applied to the screen (do not carry in pocket), etc. We suggest that you utilize the carrying case issued with the Blackberry or a similarly protective storage case which you may purchase with your annual supply budget. Devices that are not covered under the ATT Warranty Exchange program are subject to a replacement charge of $425. We understand that accidents can happen, however, reasonable care starts with the users.

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