Monday, September 12, 2011

A "Jason Pickens" Answer

A couple of weeks ago, at 11:30 pm, as I was packing and getting ready for a flight the next morning, I casually said something like "my sink is still a little slow draining.  If we are going to need a plumber, I want us to call one before our home warranty runs out".

And as the words left my mouth, I saw Jason snap into scientist mode.  This does not always happen when I ask a question or mention a household issue, but when it does happen, I know to just stand back. 

20 minutes later, I was in possession of the following information:
  • The elbow under my sink is not clogged, and the angle is sufficient to allow for proper water drainage.
  • The sink in the hall bathroom, whose faucet causes a turbulent flow,  can fill a plastic cup from our kitchen in 8 seconds.
  • My sink, whose faucet causes a laminar flow, can fill the same plastic cup from our kitchen in 3.4 seconds.
  • Both sinks drain the water from a full plastic cup in 4 seconds.
  • My sink drainage is perfectly adequate, I'm just turning the faucet on too much.
And now I find myself trying to identify the flow type of any faucet I turn on. 

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