Tuesday, October 18, 2011

First REAL garden project

The new house has a built-in smoker area with a cabinet and a tiled countertop area.  It is the Bomb.  Of course my first thought was not OOH!  A SMOKER!  Jason and I don't cook.  Yeah he can make some AWE.SOME wings on a grill. But other than that we aren't really outdoor-cooking people.

So MY first thought was.....POTTING AREA!!!

This past weekend I got to try it out for the first time. It worked perfectly.  Plenty of working space, plenty of finished stuff space, even a little ledge for my coffee and tools.  I used the metal surface of the smoker for trash, and then easily separated that into plastic for the trash can and paper for the fire pit. 

Really the only thing I brought with me from Tulip Street was my succulent collection. And Boy ohBoy they enjoyed the drought this summer and had TONS of babies. I needed to separate them, repot them, and hopefully they will all root. Then I can give lots of them to my friends, and use them to make new cool combo pots and maybe even a Fairie garden or two. 

Here are the finished ones all tucked in for the fall and winter.  They should be able to make some good root systems by the spring, and then start making babies all over again.  These little plants amaze me.  They are just happy to be pretty much anywhere where they can soak up the sunshine and their feet won't stay wet.

We should all try hard to flourish where we are, right?

The rest of the pictures from this potting session are linked to the right ---------> (under links to photo albums).   

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