Tuesday, October 4, 2011

A late-night chat with my favorite geek.

About a week ago, I used a little award I got @ work to purchase a new Keurig machine.  We LOVE it.  Even Jason, not really a coffee drinker, is all about it and has changed his daily routine to include a cup of coffee on the back porch. 

This past weekend I ordered a few boxes of Kcups, but they haven't arrived yet. Jason was worried that he was using all the cups, and thus resulted the following exchange:

do they sell K cups in stores locally?
or is it all online?
yes they do! they have them @ Target I know, and probably Wally World
k... cuz I feel bad I'm drinking all the ones we have.
at least if we can go get more that will be cool.
yeah and we can even get a carousel
like... with ponies?
yes with ponies. We can put it out in the back 40
oooooh purrty
ain't it?
seems like... it would just be neater to have a cover or something for whatever box they come in
and you just take them from the bottom of the box
or... whatever.
filling the carousel is like... the antithesis of the k cup philosophy
of coffee for little or no work.
I mean... having to unload the box, then reload them into the carousel is like raising the activation energy needed to attain said cup of coffee
"the antithesis of the k cup philosophy"
well maybe we could just get the carousel for the VARIETY coffees, and the teas and donut shop coffee something else

ooh I found one!
ok lemme see
its awesome
zero entropy to the system.
I love you
We can use my pretty red bowl that the garden district gave me!!
yea that sounds like an idea
I mean i guess if you like keeping around like 5 or so different types
one of those would be cool
did you take your medicine?

Typical exchange for midnight on a work night.  He keeps me real and takes good care of me :)

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DCshutrbug said...

That's too funny. I should take a picture of the K-cup set up at Mom's. I think Jason would be proud.