Friday, October 21, 2011

Stuff I didn't buy

Welcome to a new type of what will become a recurring blog entry......

Stuff in stores that I didn't buy (but totally would have if I:
         a> was a hoarder,
         b> had a resale store and a hunky jack-of-all-trades like The Picker Sisters, or
         c> didn't care that it drives my husband nuts when I come home with "junk". )

So for our first go-round, here are some things Dale and I looked at today in BSL and didn't buy.
A super-cool 50's? 60's? coffee service

A cool (heavy) old flower frog.

A cute glass-covered shadow box
The mid-century end tables which Dale has been coveting and "can't explain why they aren't in my own house yet."
Onion and Garlic?  Salt & pepper shakers


Dale and I spent MANY an afternoon in antique/ junk stores while we were at Mississippi State, both of us poor college students, honestly trying not to be any more of a financial burden than we already were to our parents.  That was one thing that we had in common - GUILT.  We were both RA's, and the little money we made from that job went a long way.  I think in all those trips, I only bought a couple of pairs of vintage earrings and the elephant planter that started the collection I still have today.  And I'm sure a few other things here and there, but if it was over about $3, it was out of the question. The fun was in finding the treasures and really prioritizing what we could save for. No, folks, we did not have credit cards back then (THANK GOD), and we have been known to put something that cost $17 on lay-away.  That was 20 years ago, and we've come a long way, baby.  But today felt just like the old days...and I loved every second. 


Draggon said...

She should SO buy those tables. They are fabu!

Spickens said...

And they are only $70/per!