Sunday, January 29, 2012

Alisa Burke sketch class

Back in July, my Mom and I enrolled in Alisa Burke's sketchbook delight class for my birthday.  It's a self-paced, 6 weeks-ish class, but I'm just now finishing it up.  It was GREAT though.  Very inspirational. My biggest "art" challenge (I call it "art" because I don't really consider my piddling around with art supplies to be art), is just to get up the courage to start.  The class gives specific assignments, so I wasn't just staring at a blank page with infinite possibilities in front of me.  That's a little too overwhelming for me. 

So the class really helped me get motivated, and I've been doodling a lot more.  Alisa talks a lot about creating patterns and finishing pages.  I've kept doing these pages.  I drew this one last weekend @ my Mom's while we were sitting around talking with the girls.  I'm liking the colors a lot. 

The little brush in my kit is a KOI water brush.  I LOVE this thing.  It holds water in the barrel and you just squeeze it out.  It is so much less trouble and I can paint anywhere...the beach, on a plane, etc.  Easy Cheesy.  I got mine at Mo's Art Supply and Framing in Covington, LA during the Three Rivers Arts Festival, but you can order them online too.  This is the medium size. 
And no, I'm not getting any $ from promoting these products (wouldn't that be nice LOL!), the are just things I love.  (She has a lot of different ones, I will be taking more.)

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