Monday, February 18, 2013

Bunnies in a Mexican Hat

I LOVE digging through antique/ junk stores.  It's therapy to me.  And yes, over the years, I have bought WAY too much stuff that I did not need.  Of course, sometimes the BEST stuff is the stuff you don't really NEED, but I was perhaps not always selective enough, and a lot of that junk ended up at the Goodwill.  Now I satisfy my collecting desires (for the most part) by taking photos of the stuff I don't buy, and I want to share them with you.   I really want to call this series "Shit I didn't Buy".  I can't think of any better name. But, in the interest of being less crass, I am just going to use the LABEL "Shit I didn't Buy".  How's that for compromise?

Categories of junk I did not buy:  

A> Junk I think is AWESOME, but I just don't have room for, I have too many of a similar thing, or I just don't want to spend the money.  Many times I regret not buying things in this category.
B> Junk I think is cool, but for somebody else.  Things I won't buy because they won't "go" in my house, and
C>  WHAT.  THE.  F%!#  - junk I can't believe somebody is trying to sell (empty ponds cold cream jars without lids), or things I cannot believe my eyes are seeing.

So...yeah.  I went to some antique stores in Hartselle, AL on my way home from Huntsville last week, and here's some junk I didn't buy:

 #1 Apparently hand-embroidered bunnies in a Mexican Hat.  I have to tell you that I was VERY TEMPTED to purchase this.  I collect vintage linens, and this one was in excellent shape.  It was on sale for $5.50.  It would have certainly been a conversation starter.  It was one of those things that I just couldn't see bringing home, and honestly I already regret it. This was at the booth that had 75% off the weekend before President's day at the Hartselle Alabama Antique Mall.  You know, if anyone wants to get it for me for my birthday or something.  Bunnies.  INSIDE a Mexican Hat. For $5.50.  WHY DID I PASS THIS UP!??!?!
 #2 - This most certainly calls into category "C" of this little series. The WHAT THE F!%@ category.  It's a clock encased in what looked, to me, like yellow plastic infused with very chunky vomit.  The tag said "Rock Clock" $45.  It is over a foot tall, and now haunts my nightmares.

#3  - Giant llama planter.  Now look, I like a cute planter as much as the next person.  I even have a collection of vintage elephant planters.  But this one was HUGE.  And if he's supposed to be pulling that cart, WHERE/ HOW IS THE CART ATTACHED TO THE LLAMA?  I'm just sayin'.    Disturbing, people.

ooooh I have so many more things to share, but I'm going to try to pace myself.  I think I'll have fun with this little series and perhaps it will keep me out of some trouble :)

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