Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Lucky, Lucky Me!

I live right by the Ocean Springs Harbor.  (Don't be trying to stalk me.  I have attack Schnauzers).  The Harbor houses sailboats, other-boats-whose-types-I-do-not-know-yet, and shrimp boats.  (The small 2 people shrimp boats, not the Bubba Gump big-ass commercial ones).   One of the coolest things I can do is ride my bike or walk 2 minutes to the harbor, and buy shrimp right off the boat.  It's pretty awesome.  Now I just need to really DO it more often.

From my office, I can see the tops of some of the boats.  It's pretty awesome and amazing.  And if I get up early enough to walk, I can often see the boats heading out for the day:

P.S.  This is Dena's Pick - #519.  Except I didn't have a #519.  I did have a #516, which was a TERRIBLE pic of a blurry bird in flight.  This is the closest decent one.  # 505. Thanks, Dena!

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