Thursday, February 28, 2013

Ode to My Broken Kindle

Ode to My Broken Kindle


O Kindle,  my friend,

My constant companion to New Orleans, Jackson, Virginia, McComb, Florida, and similar multi-state tours.

You with your blue leather case, and

Sassy cover with reading fishies.


Good company in the days after I lost my own personal Daddy,

When you read to me from comfortable old favorites. 

To ease my sadness.


Luxuriated with me over three summers,

Safely ensconced in your two interlocking and

Perpendicularly arranged Double Zip Zip Lock bags

As we floated in the 10 foot inflatable pool.


That one time when I left you on a plane,

And the kind flight attendant chased me down the terminal,

Determined to reunite us. 


You survived x-rays, repressurizations, sandy trips to the beach,  

Tossed into bags here and there, and

From Hell to Breakfast, and

Curious Wet Schnauzer Beards.


Alas, this morning you succumbed

To a tragic and accidental fall in the shower. 

The encasing  Zip Lock bag




To protect your delicate screen.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

The memories of your time together will live on in your heart.

It appears as though you did not have adequate mitigating controls in place such as shock or water resistance. Perhaps for your next Kindle you should implement a series of superglued Qtips around the edge to form a shield which would absorb hard impacts and help alleviate potential negative results such as a broken screen.

In addition, I wanted to comment on your ode. Your words were quite touching, and it is very evident that reading is a significant part of your life. You are very talented, and your appreciation of moments in life (even with inanimate life forms such as your Kindle) is quite refreshing.