Tuesday, February 19, 2013

SuperCool Before and After

I have a nook in my master closet where a nice piece of furniture needs to sit.  Well I mean I HAD a piece of furniture there, a super cool wooden chest that I got at some Import store in Baton Rouge eons ago.  It fit there perfectly EXCEPT:

  1. It made my clothes smell like the weird stain/ varnish they used on it, and
  2. It was too tall to be all that functional for me. 

I ended up just always throwing clothes I needed to put away on top of it, which drove Jason nuts.  But it was too tall for me to really USE the top of it.  I moved that chest into my studio and it is now holding art supplies.  So I went on the hunt for something with lots of drawers, but shorter.  My realtor extraordinaire,


Billie, who is fast becoming one of my best and funnest friends, called me and said "hey come look at this dresser for your nook."  And I did, and I bought it.  It needed some glue in a spots, and was pretty scratched/ banged up in some areas, but I LOVE the shape of it.  Very retro.  6 drawers.  Exactly the right height.  Exactly the right width.  Perfect!

Couple of coats of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint (my current addiction), and VOILA: 

I still need to "pretty up" the top some, ( you know - with the tchotchkes and whatnot) but I love the direction it's going in.  I bought that cute little glass door chest @ Magnolia Antiques for $20.  The bottom shelf is now holding all my perfume. 

This drawer perfectly fit all my hair accessories, bracelets, rings, and misc. jewelry and bedazzlement.    The other drawers hold my pj's, painting clothes, and walking clothes.  THREE drawers are currently empty woot!

At first I started painting the whole outside, trim, and top two drawers with Paris Grey, and then realized I didn't have enough.  It bummed me out BECAUSE I HAD A PLAN.  But I can roll with it.  I was determined to use what I had.  Well really I didn't have a choice because I can't just run down to the Exxon station @ the corner and get Annie Sloan Chalk Paint AM I RIGHT?!  So I ended up painting the top two drawers with Paris Grey, the middle two with French Linen, the bottom two with Graphite, and then the outside and trim is Old White and Graphite mixed.  And then I waxed it and buffed it STUPIDLY with a blue terry cloth towel which left awful lint in the wax, but it actually ended up looking sort of cool so I left it like that. 

So yeah!  Turned out great I think!  Thoughts?